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I have forgotten what 30 degrees feel like (really hot) (kind of awesome). I thought this is what “one hundred degrees” feels like, but apparently it equals to about 86 on the Fahrenheit scale and further proves the point that Fahrenheit temperatures are to science what pig latin is to language. And what internet explorer is to browsers. Yikes.

Nevertheless, I keep sweating and my hair is greasy, and I’d love to put all these photos up on my bedroom wall because these are my days off and I really don’t mind the heat, but my body just doesn’t want to move.

Check out that armpit hole and lacy bra situation. Daaaayyuuum guuuurrlll

sometimes your genes equip you with a great pair of eyebrows but you have no idea because somehow, you’re born with dark brown hair but blonde, and practically invisible, eyebrows. you think god exists? you’re wrong, and i have proof in the form of little blonde hairs that grow above my eyes.

not anymore, though!

today i took a solid 10 minutes and dyed my eyebrows. just look at them! and to think, all these people out there are torturing their faces with wax and tweezers, and i’ve had a great pair of shapely arches hiding on my face for almost 20 years.


happy kitty has coffee and reese puffs and tumblr for company all night.

keep your fingers crossed that i’m not too lazy and absent-minded tomorrow and remember to call and book my tattoo consultation. or hell, maybe i’ll even drive down there and pay the deposit tomorrow!

my new home has new internet and more than one window.


come over and visit me, but try to keep your bowels steady because my new crib is probably nicer than your parents’ house.

pictures of me holding things blog 2.0. i love this album.

p.s. the shitty journalist from yesterday published her article about tipping. just as i expected, this city is represented by a idiot opinion columnist who is greedy, cheap, and rude.

Tips on personal services, like haircuts, massages, pedicures, and even the dog groomer, not so much. You are paying for the service, often handsomely, and you get the service. What is the extra you are tipping for?

Get ready, because tips on personal services are also going through the roof. One local hair salon now has a 25 per cent tip programmed into its debit/credit card machine.

wow, paula! what exactly are you tipping for, you ask? for the service, but in particular, for the part of the service that makes you a satisfied customer. here’s the difference: you come in and as for a trim. the hairdresser hacks off 2 inches and sends you on your way. a service is a service. if you’re going to be an ungrateful cunt, then your satisfaction becomes irrelevant to the employee. you’ll pay the same amount regardless of the quality of your haircut. but realistically, you come in, ask for something particular and you fuss around for the whole hour: “i need the layers shorter! this side needs to be more even! don’t blow dry it like that! give me more volume! i want it more smooth!”. so, what is the tip for, you ask? for kissing your ass.

(and just look at the threat of the unholy 25% tip button that’s out to eat your soul/wallet. it’s PROGRAMMED into the machines - and your brain! if you only want to leave 15% the crazy manager will hold a knife at your throat!!!!)

my hair still has an explosion of cotton candy-coloured loveliness, and the cold weather isn’t permitting me to go to the post office and to pick up my vinyl that i bought on ebay. i suppose i could go outside, but i don’t feel like giving up my toes to frostbite just yet.

thus, i’m hiding out in my bathtub and having a date with mr. bukowski.

bright eyes arrived. GPOYW

five hundred dollars later, my car is all fixed up. i would rather have taken today off work and spent that money on a tattoo, but instead i paid an asshole tow truck driver to haul my piece of shit ford to canadian tire, dropped a few hundred on repairs and read the entirety of a novel while bumming around good earth.

but on the bright side, i received my shirt and rings from asos in the mail, two bright eyes vinyl LPs are in transit, and madi is giving me adderall tomorrow. addies from madi!

i have a ladyboner for exquisite stationery. what else is new?

my lease is up in three short months, which is pretty unbelievable. once again, here comes the season of shopping for a new apartment. i’m headed towards downtown this time and i’m eyeing a place a block away from tubby dog. that’s right. i’ll be raking in hot, bearded hipster boys in no time.