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this weekend helped me re-discover instagram. am i ditching hipstamatic? could it be?

damn iphone camera apps.

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My brothers friend Tommy found a litter of tiny kittens with their tails cut off by the side of the road about 2 years ago. We couldn’t find a home for one of them so we got to keep him. His name’s Tommy. You can guess why. :P 

i seriously had to scroll back up and do a double take on this. just like eloise. black nose and errythang’

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my cat needs this.

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Morning Fluff: Case of the Mondays Kitteh has case of the Mondays.



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Reblog if you have ever done the Lion King thing with your pet:


This is Wendy’s life. Every day.

every day. look at how little baby eloise is! look at her little baby face!

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