LUSH 30 Day Challenge - Day 15

What is you must-have-on-hand-at-all-times product that you might die without?

Both Breath of Fresh Air toner and Grease Lightning are crucial, along with Light Pink colour supplement and Emotional Brilliance face powder. If I go somewhere overnight or longer, these guys are coming with me. And here’s why: at some point, my make-up will have to come off. And then come back on. And these items are really handy dandy in more ways than one.

If I’m staying at a friends house overnight after a night of partying on the town, or I’m staying at a boy’s house after a night of partying between the sheets (tee hee!). Before going to bed, I can give my face a nice rinse, and then Breath of Fresh Air on a cotton pad (or on folded up tissue paper if you’re in a dude’s bathroom) will take off most of my make-up that’s clogging up my skin. It’s gentle and soothing so my skin won’t be red and blotchy. Then I can pop some Grease Lightning on my t-zone to shrink pores and prevent breakouts. If I happen to fall asleep in my make-up, I can do this first thing in the morning. Either way, the following morning I can throw the Light Pink colour supplement (which matches my skin perfectly) by itself under my eyes and on any pink-y areas as a concealer. If there’s a face moisturizer hanging around (not too picky with this), I can mix a tiny amount with the colour supplement to make a tinted moisturizer that I can throw on all over my face. Emotional Brilliance powder will set it. Voila! Face is taken care of.

The three products also assist in other shennanigans:

  • Emotional Brilliance Translucent Face Powder is (dare I say it?) BETTER than the MAC blot powder for keeping oil at bay because it’s softer and completely free of colour. The only advantage the MAC powder has is the pressed form - less messy, less spill risk. It can also be used on the eyelids to take care of smudgy eye make-up, set lipsticks and give them a matte finish, and if your bangs are looking greasy, you can use some of the powder around the hairline like a dry shampoo (but ONLY there because otherwise, there IS a thing called dry shampoo and you’d be wasting a $19 powder). Obviously you should have a brush handy (cheap kabuki brush is small and works fine).
  • The colour supplement has the best foundation consistency EVER, and absorbs perfect. Zit emergency, melted make-up emergency, concealer emergency - takes care of all that.
  • Breath of Fresh Air is a life-savor on: sunburn, razor burn, dry skin patches, and basically any other skin irritations. Shaving legs at parents’ house with a shitty shower gel and legs are unhappy? Slept in a bra and straps/underwire irritated the skin? Made out with a beardy dude all night and now my lips/cheeks/chin/neck have an irritation? Hot & itchy feet? Itchy scalp? Breath of Fresh Air fixes EVERYTHING.
  • Grease Lightning will shrink any blemish, prevents blemishes, can be used on ingrown hairs (like when you shave with a shower gel at your parents’ house), soothes mosquito bites, shrinks pores, and can be used on your hands as an impromptu hand sanitizer (though I have an actual hand sanitizer at home). You can also use it between your toes to prevent/treat/heal athlete’s foot, as well as on cuts, scrapes, popped pimples, irritated or infected piercings, and coldsores. In fact, you can use Grease Lightning in a similar way to Polysporin. Thing is, I don’t always have Polysporin on me, nor do I advise replacing it with Grease Lightning. But guess what? Shit happens and this is ONE solution that takes care of ALL KINDS of shit. If not a solution, it’s definitely a great aid.