LUSH 30 Day Challenge - Day 14

Do you use the designated LUSH tins for any of your products?

I don’t! But I should since I melted a Wiccy Magic Muscles when I was living in a townhouse with a really stuffy hot bathroom! For some odd reason, the heat vent was underneath the bathroom sink cabinet so entire bottom of that cabinet was being heated up, and when it came the time to move… I had nothing but a yellow bag full off melted cocoa butter and aduki beans. It ended up spilling a bit too, so whoever has that townhouse now has one powerful-smelling cabinet. Whoops!

I keep my Heavanilli and quartered Therapy in a little tupperware which works just fine, and my shower caddy has a drainable soap tray that works best for soaps (and presumably body butters which I currently do not have).