Lush 30 Day Challenge - Day 13

Do you use hair masks, foot treatment products, or face masks regularly? What’s your ultimate at-home LUSH spa night?

I use fresh face masks twice a week. They can’t be sold to customers if they’re too close to the expiration date, so I usually can get them for free. Here are my favourites and why:

  • BB Seaweed is my new go-to because I don’t really have any skin concerns left other than the lack of a deep cleanse. I use Aqua Marina on a daily basis, so my skin doesn’t get any exfoliation, so BB Seaweed is really nice because I can rub it in a little if I want to, and the kaolin clay base is perfect for pulling shit out of pores. I use BB Seaweed every week.
  • Catastrophe Cosmetic if I’ve got a blemish situation coming on. This one was my go-to before, because I have used to have very a very blotchy, pink complexion that likes to flare up for no reason. Calamine is perfect for that - my Aqua Marina is full of it - and this mask is just a little extra somethin’ for flare-ups. Blueberries are antioxidant and help keep your skin look young and fresh.
  • Sacred Truth is my new favourite. It has a reputation of being that “anti-aging” mask, but here’s the deal - you don’t HAVE to have aging skin in order to use it!!! However, a woman in her 50s has less options (Cupcake or Cosmetic Warrior won’t do much for her) so that’s why Sacred Truth is marketed as “hey there old lady, pick me, I’ll take care of you!”. I avoided that mask for a while and that was stupid of me! First of all, it’s awesomely moisturizing thanks to the shea butter base. It has really rich ingredients like fresh yogurt, free range eggs, and honey to really condition the skin and help it look it’s best which is a benefit for both a 50 year old and a 20 year old! It’s full of antioxidants which protect your skin from looking weary. It’s got really beautiful ingredients like papaya, evening primrose oil, lanolin, green tea infusion, wheatgrass, rose absolute, and lavender absolute. All of those work miracles for your skin!!! I use Sacred Truth every week along with BB Seaweed - I alternate them every few days!
  • Oatifix is really great in the winter - a little too rich in the summer, but winters in Calgary are so harsh that I want to coat my entire body in Oatifix.

I use Jasmine and Henna Fluff-ease as a hair treatment, but I use it all the time so it’s not really special or spa-like.

I LOVE Stepping Stone foot scrub on my smelly, yucky feet. It’s a little messy, but I work it while sitting on the edge of the tub with my feet inside, and then I leave it on for a few minutes to fight the stink. I rinse and dust them off with a little T for Toes!

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