things are alright

  • I have no groceries because I kept procrastinating, but according to grocery emails, pizza and blueberries are on sale tomorrow and those are my favourites so that’s quite aw-right’
  • My weekends have been tuesday-wednesday recently, so I get to relax when everyone’s working away, and that’s alright
  • I got a free Sacred Truth face mask right when I needed one, and that’s alright
  • I think Mrs Whippy bathbomb is getting discontinued, but it’s alright - I bought the last one for myself just in case.
  • I get to see Brand New in a couple weeks; I’ll probably get all tearful and it’s allllriiiiight
  • I can’t find my confirmation email regarding my will-call tickets for that show since I bought them back in April but that’s alright
  • I’m going to edmonton the weekend after Brand New to have a small pre-birthday celebration with my parents which will be alright
  • I’m gonna hang out with a nice dude and touch his beardy face and have pre-birthday sex in edmonton and that’s totally alrigh’
  • I’m going to do boring wednesday things on my birthday and possibly even have to work, but people will make a deal out of it and it will be alright
  • And then that weekend I can celebrate my birthday with all my friends from far and wide, which is very alright
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