LUSH 30 Day Challenge - Day 12

What issue of the LUSH Times has been your favourite so far? Do you keep all of your old issues?

The MOST CURRENT Canadian LUSH Times is my new favourite - not sure if it’s the same as LUSH USA or not. Most colourful issue to date! The first 7 pages are Emotional Brilliance, including a 2-page spread of the words and definitions. Great photography throughout, in particular on the Bath Bomb pages (the banner for those pages is an underwater photo of bath bombs at the VERY MOMENT they hit the water - very cool!). There’s a page for the boys with the header “REAL MEN USE LUSH” which I love because not enough guys feel confident enough using LUSH products, going into the stores, etc.

I keep all of my old editions in a sense… I cut them up and paste pictures and descriptions into my little LUSH “bible” that I’m working on - never hurts to refresh the mind with lovely things about the products and the ingredients. For some reason, in this issue, they switched from using the term Rhassoul Mud to “Moroccan Lava Clay” - same shit, but why confuse me like that?

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