hey, i miss this thing

it’s two am and i’m waiting for watercolours to dry so i can write on them. i can’t sleep. typical summer, no?

good things:

i’m back at lush (after fucking around for almost two years for some company run by a bunch of low lives), spinning sort of new records, coffee and bright eyes on rainy days, fairytale baths on rainy nights with some literature to go with, healed tattoo, 16 packs of american cigarettes left (maybe less, but let’s hope not)

not so good things:

not being able to sleep until three in the morning, out of weed for a few days (hence the insomnia), not enough time to read books, no time at all for dear ol’ tumblr, heavy boots over boys, boys not living close enough, speeding tickets, not spending enough time with everyone because everyone is so busy, trying not to feel like all my efforts were wasted

typical summer, right?

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