Washington is neat, you guys.

Cigarettes are still like $7 a pack compared to the shocking $5 wonder price I briefly encountered while passing through Idaho, and traffic patterns in Seattle are really obnoxious but this is a pretty fucking cool state.

To sum up Sasquatch 2012: 50% of the festival is Canadian, the 21 drinking age is unacceptably high (but this goes for the whole country, anyway), I made some cool friends (most of which are from BC - see my first point), the sun is unkind, SPF 110 REALLY DOES WORK.

of monsters and men were really cute; being halfway up on the hill makes for some really great acoustics in the place; explosions in the sky made me cry, pretty lights is boring (all EDM is boring), said the whale are awesome, metric played a shitty set of mostly new songs, a media photographer took pictures of me and my mermaid hair glowing in the sun, the shins were fantastic, jack white fucking killed the show, and bon iver made my heart complete. That last set was better than I could have ever expected, the sound was incredible, and when they played “calgary” I was on the verge of tears.

Lessons learned: plan to stay the Monday and don’t miss tenacious d (I am a bit bummed about missing the d), the dirtier your hair gets, the more compliments it gets, and acquiring “legal drinking age confirmed” wristbands still doesn’t make the overpriced booze any cheaper. The best hiding spot for flasks is always your crotch.

And just so you know - do get drunk for jack white, don’t get drunk for Bon Iver. But otherwise, be drunk all the time.