kevin fenton must die

I’ve got a story to tell y’all today. Unfortunately this story doesn’t happen to be the best one, and it also happens to be mine. Quite frankly, I can only roll my eyes at it for so long and I need to purge this shit out of my system, once and for all.

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got a postcard from @funkyassbass today. impressed with the sketch of my likeness (Taken with Instagram at the mermaid lair)

There are interpretations that suggest the Little Mermaid did not give up everything for love alone. The tale presents a rare heroine with investigative curiosity because she is fascinated by the unknown, the forbidden, and is intent on broadening her horizons from the beginning, exampled by her arranging the flowers in her garden into the shape of the sun, and peeking in through the window of the prince’s cabin during his birthday celebrations. She wants, above all, to explore the world and discover things that are beyond what she already knows. The world above, for her, seems larger than her own world and holds a greater range of possibilities to exercise her adventurous spirit.

The Little Mermaid (Hans Christian Andersen) Wikipedia

word of advice to all people out there:

whoever you are, whoever you might be, do what you want but for fuck’s sake, don’t “babe”* more than one person at a time. just don’t do it.

(* - or whatever your equivalent for “babe” may be - point is, if you’ve got one person that has your affection, don’t cheapen them by handing it out to anyone and everyone, and if they’re no longer the one you feel that way about, do them a favour and tell them.)



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Why is it that when the tables finally turn, they’re always off-beat? Good things are always followed by a kick in the ass; stagnancy feels like forward movement; honest progress feels like regression in some ways. Sometimes, the head and the heart don’t run side-by-side. Sometimes, the right doors open but it is the wrong people that are walking through them. Sometimes, the right people say the wrong words. You’re on a one-way train and just as you reach your long-awaited destination you start to lose all of your cargo. Or your passengers pull off their masks and they’re not the people you’d thought they were; you’re exactly where you wanted to be, but what good is a place if you’ve got no one to share it with?

Sometimes the things you wish for turn up months, years overdue like lost mail that you no longer have purpose for. Everything comes at a cost, it seems, no matter how irrelevant or nonsensical. Who benefits at my expense?


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