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this is so accurate hahahahahahha


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Dear Coquette: On the sale of tumblr ›


I have a bad feeling (ha) about the future of Tumblr now that it’s owned by the most confusing, cluttered, un-navigable website on the Internet. I have visions of ADS! ADS! ADS! all over my dashboard. After all, no one buys something for $B that they don’t think they’ll make $2B on. Even if…

I don’t know if it’s the bong rips or if I’m feeling extra sappy today, but this is the loveliest depiction of Tumblr that I have ever read. My ice-cold heart is melting. 

(via T. S. Eliot’s Iconic Vintage Verses About Cats, Illustrated and Signed by Edward Gorey | Brain Pickings)

hello sweet tumblr

i missed you, lover.