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This happens to be the kind of bullshit journalism/bullshit study that I hate. “Tobacco company baits innocent children into tobacco use by flavoring their products to imitate beloved flavours of kid-friendly products!”.

Okay, you found a correlation. So what? There’s only so many artificial flavours to choose from, so it only makes sense that companies and different products that use artificial flavours will have to eventually have similar ones. If a fake strawberry flavoring exists, and one has a use for it, this flavour will be used - be it in kool aid, candy, blunt wraps, cigars, flavoured condoms, cough syrup, lip balm, and whatever the fuck else. There’s a market for flavoured products and that comes from the fact that people - not just young people - prefer consuming things that are pleasant to the taste, if the product has to be tasted, regardless of whether it’s smoked, eaten, or applied to the lips. Another reason would be that such flavoring can be easily mass produced at a low cost. You can’t mash up a strawberry and use that to flavour things - it just doesn’t work.

One also has to make the ignorant assumption that a person has to be a preteen in order to want to suck on something sweet. Yeah, right.

A Step-By-Step Guide To Having A Bath

1. Scrub yo tub! Put yo back into it!
2. Put yo hair up!
3. Get naked!
4. Pick yo reading material. Ooh lala, philosophy!
5. Pick yo weapons. (Sunny Side and Big Blue from Lush for a teal with gold swirls mermaid glitter bath)
6. Crush your bubble bar under running water with your Hercules-like grip.
7. Deploy the bath bomb.
8. Light some candles and have a sexy fiesta!
9. Give yourself a bubble beard because BEARDS are TOUGH.


The Wild Unknown


Art by W. H. Robinson (1917) from the book, HANS ANDERSEN’S FAIRY TALES.

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Auckland Wintergardens // 35mm Film

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I think M.I.A. should star in the next Bond movie.

I don’t mean as the next Bond girl. I mean as the next James Bond.

I live alone, therefore, spring break 4eva. 

only minecraft, not WoW.