A Step-By-Step Guide To Having A Bath

1. Scrub yo tub! Put yo back into it!
2. Put yo hair up!
3. Get naked!
4. Pick yo reading material. Ooh lala, philosophy!
5. Pick yo weapons. (Sunny Side and Big Blue from Lush for a teal with gold swirls mermaid glitter bath)
6. Crush your bubble bar under running water with your Hercules-like grip.
7. Deploy the bath bomb.
8. Light some candles and have a sexy fiesta!
9. Give yourself a bubble beard because BEARDS are TOUGH.


The Wild Unknown


Art by W. H. Robinson (1917) from the book, HANS ANDERSEN’S FAIRY TALES.

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Auckland Wintergardens // 35mm Film

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I think M.I.A. should star in the next Bond movie.

I don’t mean as the next Bond girl. I mean as the next James Bond.

I live alone, therefore, spring break 4eva. 

only minecraft, not WoW.



make up tips

this is so accurate hahahahahahha


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